Auto Call Answering

Gnani’s enterprise ready auto call answering with it’s cutting edge NLP engine understands the intent and the context of the callers and interactively answers complex questions and delivers the right solution without leaving your customer to choose between options. This helps in saving the time of the agents and helps in reducing the overall cost for the company. Queries that requires agents assistance are seamlessly rolled over to the respective agents. With multiple language support, the customers can enquire in their preferred language and get their queries sorted 24/7

An intelligent, human-like dialogue between consumers and your brand can be ensured using our Auto Call assistant. A set of features, including the ability to understand complex inquiries, ask clarifying questions and personalize responses, helps brands to deliver a superior customer self‑service experience. Gnani’s virtual assistant can reflect your company’s unique image and tone, resulting in a strengthened brand.

Our systems trained for your domain can be deployed in any digital channel immediately or later on. Every conversation can be captured, analyzed and aggregated to deliver real‑time insights. Our systems become smarter over time by learning from past and current live agent interactions, and other engagements happening in your digital channels to constantly optimize the behavior and improve the accuracy of the responses.