Optimize Workforce

QA Automation

Traditional QA involves a person to audit calls, hence only a small percentage of the calls are audited. This brings in a huge gap in meeting service level agreement, compliance, and customers satisfaction.

Hence Gnani.ai’s QA engine developed over Deep Learning, domain adapted Speech recognition and contextual NLP modules take into account all the parameters and automates the quality assurance process by providing QA score for every call in real time.

Our automated QA process allows you to set the rules as per your requirement and enables you to monitor and categorize 100 percent of the calls and identify the emerging trends and patterns to give you crucial insights about the agents performance.


The customers’ perception of a company depends on the way agents interact with them. Gnani’s AI powered, domain-specific speech recognition and contextual NLP engine enables you in tracking the agents' performance in real time.

Our engine ranks all the calls of the agents based on the silence, hold-duration, cross-talk, in-call behavior and sentiment while answering the calls. With all these parameters tracked, we make sure you track every agent’s performance.


Gnani’s AI powered, domain specific speech recognition and contextual NLP based engine assists your agents in choosing the best conversational strategy. Our engine enabled with the state-of-the-art keyword spotting technology constantly listens to all the calls and alerts your agent whenever there is an opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell by flashing the keywords on the screen. This ensures that valuable business opportunities are not lost.


Like customers, agents also are prone to churn. Gnani’s AI powered, machine learning and NLP based product helps you in analyzing the overall performance of the agent by ranking their performance. With this, the best performing agent can be rewarded. A training programme can be charted to improve performance. By doing the analysis on an individual level, we can help you reach the goal of retaining your agents.