Customer Experience

Customer Retention

High customer churn rate is one of the primary concerns of businesses. This forces companies to be under a constant pressure to provide excellent customer service. Customers reach out to a company through multiple mediums ranging from calls to social media.Gnani’s robust AI powered, Speech Recognition engine and the contextual NLP engine helps you track all these interactions.

We analyze the conversations to give you real insights into the customers' perception about your business, build models to predict future churn along with recommendations for delivering the best customer services.

Reduced or zero wait time

When the agents are busy, an online customer has to wait for a certain duration before being addressed which can leave them dissatisfied. Customers want their inquiries addressed at any given point of time in an interactive way.

Gnani’s AI powered domain-specific speech recognition engine first uses voice biometrics to identify and authenticate the caller and then uses contextual NLP engine to answer the specific query interactively. While the voice assistant takes care of resolving generic queries, seamless rollover of the call to the agent for complex queries is also ensured. Scalable as per the requirement, businesses can also configure their preferred rules to the engine.

Better CSAT Scores

The success of a company depends on how satisfied its customers are. Traditional methods of measuring the CSAT are not accurate. Gnani’s AI powered domain-specific speech recognition engine and the contextual NLP engine helps you in the contextual analysis of all the calls.

The engine analyzes the call sentiment of the agent and the customer. These calls are further categorized based on the satisfaction levels of the customers and a report is sent to the QA manager. We then help you in pointing out the root cause of the customer dissatisfaction and aid you in bettering your CSAT Scores.

Right cross sell and up sell

Often, agents miss out on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Gnani’s AI powered domain-specific speech recognition and the contextual NLP engine helps you in spotting these opportunities in real time using keyword spotting technology.

Using the identified opportunities, our engine gives visual cues about the possible up-sell and cross-sell of the relevant products to the agent handling the calls in real time. This not only helps the agent in achieving the targets but also in increasing the overall revenue of your business.