Speech To Text

Transcribe audio and video recordings with deep learning speech recognition

Gnani Dhwani - Speech to Text

Gnani’s speech to text engine transcribes each and every call your agents make using our AI powered Domain specific speech recognition and contextual NLP engine to mine out the valuable insights from all the interactions.Gnani’s robust products listens to 100% of the calls and transcribes these interactions in real time with over 96% accuracy.

Our Speech to text engine is armed with

Sentiment Analysis

Our speech to text engine gives out a sentiment score for all the calls which gives you an overview about how satisfied your customers are and also gauge the performance of your agents.

Intent Analysis

Intent Analysis goes a level deeper than sentiment analysis and gives an idea of whether a string of text is a complaint, a suggestion or a query which helps you in understanding the reason behind the calls.

Domain Specificity

Meaning we tune our engine specifically to the domain we work with, so that the terms and terminologies that is associated with that particular discipline is understood better.

Dialect Detection

Our API’S work real time with automatic dialect detection that aids the agents in during the course of the call with respect to cashing in on the business opportunities and script adherence.

Our Speech to text engine is the foundation of


Transcriptions of any audio files

Advanced speech Analytics