Advance Speech Analytics

Our speech engine helps you in real time analysis and post call analysis.

Our speech engine helps you in real time analysis and post call analysis

Real time analytics: Real-time analytics allows businesses to react without delay. Gnani’s real time advanced speech analytics aids you in

Assisting the agents in real time

Makes sure your agents don’t miss out on crucial business opportunities by alerting them on what keywords to use with visual cues on screen.

Agent tracking

Know your agents in call behaviour, call effectiveness, weakness and strengths so that you have a clear picture of your agents performance.

Real time sentiment Analysis

During the course of the call our engine is armed with analysing the sentiment and the intent of the agent and the customer.This helps you in knowing the agents behaviour and detect the customers emotion and gain crucial insights in real time.

Speaker Seperation

Speaker separation using complex acoustic algorithms allows separation of speakers on a single audio channel into two virtual channels which allows both the customers and agents speech to be analyzed discreetly.

Post call analytics: Once the recorded calls are run through our speech analytics engine you can get insight into various parameters like

Customers satisfaction

Uses sentiment analysis to give you insight into knowing how satisfied your customers are with your service

Churn rate

By analyzing the previous interaction our engine helps you in predicting the customers most likely not to use your services.

Improve retention rates

From the previous interactions we help you in providing personalized content for the existing customers thereby helping you in increasing the retention rates.

Root Cause Analysis

Helps in g